Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Description of the Institution


Description of Main Tasks and Participant’s Profile

UBER will strongly contribute to all experimental work packages and will work together closely with UNOTT and AAR on the theory work package. UBER has gained extensive experience in ultra-strong optical nonlinearities using an experimental system in which a single Rubidium atom is strongly coupled to light guided in fibre-based whispering-gallery-mode resonator. This, e.g., allowed UBER to demonstrate a photon-number dependent phase shift of π with this system, thereby putting UBER in an excellent position to fulfill its tasks. Moreover, UBER has pioneered the trapping and interfacing of cold atoms via evanescent light fields. Recently, using either an ensembles of atoms coupled to an optical nanofiber or using the atom-resonator system, UBER demonstrated non-reciprocal propagation of guided light fields, which will be a valuable asset for the successful completion of UBER’s tasks. Moreover, UBER will, in close collaboration with UROS and FBH, develop a near-deterministic fiber-to-chip coupling for light. This activity will strongly benefit from UBER’s expertise on adiabatic optical mode transformation gained in the production of low-loss tapered optical fibres.

Leading Researchers 

  • Prof. Dr. Arno Rauschenbeutel
    Principal Investigator


    PhotoCredit: ErBeStA / Sebastian Pucher
  • Dr. Philipp Schneeweiss


    PhotoCredit: ErBeStA / Sebastian Pucher
  • Dr. Jürgen Volz
    Staff Scientist


    PhotoCredit: ErBeStA / Sebastian Pucher
    • Dr. Sofia Pazzagli
      Postdoctoral Researcher