High-performance, additively-manufactured atomic spectroscopy apparatus for portable
quantum technologies

Optics Express 30, 25753 (2022).



We demonstrate a miniaturised and highly robust system for performing Doppler-free spectroscopy on thermal atomic vapour for three frequencies as required for cold atom-basedquantum technologies. The application of additive manufacturing techniques, together with efficient use of optical components, produce a compact, stable optical system, with a volume of 0.089 L and a weight of 120 g. The device occupies less than a tenth of the volume of, and is considerably lower cost than, conventional spectroscopic systems, but also offers excellent stability against environmental disturbances. We characterise the response of the system to changes in environmental temperature between 7 and 35 ◦C and exposure to vibrations between 0 – 2000 Hz, finding that the system can reliably perform spectroscopic measurements despite substantial vibrational noise and temperature changes. Our results show that 3D-printed optical systems are an excellent solution for portable quantum technologies.