Paper on Strongly Correlated States of Light and Repulsive Photons in Chiral Chains of Three-Level Quantum Emitters

Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 083605 (2021)

Ole A. Iversen and Thomas Pohl

We study the correlated transport of photons through a chain of three-level emitters that are coupled chirally to a photonic mode of a waveguide. It is found that this system can transfer a weak classical input into a strongly correlated state of light in a unitary manner. Our analysis reveals two-photon scattering eigenstates, that are akin to Fano resonances or shape resonances in particle collisions and facilitate the emergence of antibunched light with long-range correlations upon crossing a critical length of the chain. By operating close to conditions of electromagnetically induced transparency of the three-level medium, a high degree of antibunching and photon transmission can be maintained in the presence of moderate losses. These features suggest a promising mechanism for single-photon generation and may open the door to exploring correlated quantum many-body states of light with repulsively interacting photons.