Paper and Open Data on the Lifetime Measurement of the Cesium 5²D₅⸝₂ State published

We measure the lifetime of the cesium 5²D₅⸝₂ state using a time-resolved single-photon-counting method. We excite atoms in a hot vapor cell via an electric quadrupole transition at a wavelength of 685 nm and record the fluorescence of a cascade decay at a wavelength of 852 nm. We extract a lifetime of 1353(5) ns for the 5²D₅⸝₂ state, in agreement with a recent theoretical prediction. In particular, the observed lifetime is consistent with the literature values of the polarizabilities of the cesium 6P states. Our measurement contributes to resolving a long-standing disagreement between a number of experimental and theoretical results.

In order to improve the traceability of the presented measurements and analysis, the raw experimental data used in this paper has been made available in an open-access repository. Examples of source codes used for the analysis of the data are provided as well.